To revitalize the community and implement a sustainable strategy for economic, social, tourism and cultural development in the region.

The CLD, a community-based organization

The Centre local de développement (CLD) de Pierre-De Saurel (Local Development Centre) is a non-profit organization, operated by people from the community from various socio-economic sectors of the Municipalité régionale de comté (MRC) de Pierre-De Saurel (regional country municipality).

Serving business owners

The organization provides first-line technical or financial assistance to owners of start-up companies or businesses that are already operating. See Our services

… and people in the community

Our strength lies in developing partnerships within the community. The CLD lies at the heart of a well-established network involving various government institutions, municipal bodies, the business community, business organizations, unions, social economy, tourism bodies and cultural groups, strengthening partnerships to revitalize local development.

This leadership takes many forms, including:

  • The development of a strategic plan in association with its partners, including the MRC;
  • Providing support for strategic initiatives, promoting revitalization in the region;
  • Its status as an important link to various government authorities that enables it to promote the region's interests and priorities; and
  • Its role of reuniting various community stakeholders in order to achieve progress on priority issues for the region.