Geographical Location

Sorel-Tracy: an extraordinary geographical location

A large lowland plain of some 600 square kilometres, the greater Sorel-Tracy region borders the St. Lawrence River, 70 km north-east of Montreal and about 130 km from the U.S. border. As well, it is the gateway to the Lac-Saint-Pierre region, recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. Sorel-Tracy thus provides access to a unique environmental jewel.

Like many other regions along the St. Lawrence River, the MRC de Pierre-De Saurel-a lowland plain with an area of about 600 square kilometres-has both urban and agricultural features. In the rural countryside environment, agricultural activities and populated areas coexist, primarily along the main waterways (the St. Lawrence, Richelieu and Yamaska rivers), the national highways, and secondary roads. This backcountry covers more than 80% of the MRC and accounts for some 25% of the region's inhabitants.