Metallurgy and New Materials

The Sorel-Tracy region, an exceptional pool of metallurgical sub-contracting businesses!

Bordering the St. Lawrence River and just 70 km from Montreal, Sorel-Tracy is one of the main industrial and economic centres of Quebec. Because of the strength of our metallurgical sub-contracting businesses and their special know-how, you will at once benefit from improved quality and reduced costs.

A skilled workforce

To help you establish an enviable market position, we supply a workforce with recognized competence. Our workers benefit from continuous training programs that place them at the leading edge of avant-garde technologies. From satellite dishes to hydroelectric turbines to made-to-measure parts manufacturing, combining quality with precision, the expertise of the people of the Sorel-Tracy region and the equipment and machinery we have-all these are a major advantage for your business.


CS2MP : A Center for Specialized Services in Powder Metallurgy


The CS2MP is a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to support and stimulate Quebec businesses in powder metallurgy and its vision is to be recognized in the long term as one of the leading centers of excellence in Powder Metallurgy in the world. This mission and this vision imply specific objectives targeting the development of an industrial network through the transfer of technology and the creation of new business units. Among the new materials and processes of interest to the center are the soft magnetic composites, metallic foams, metal injection molding and metal powder coating.


For further information, please communicate with Joël Poirier, CS2MP General Manager.

The Réseau de la métallurgie du Québec (Quebec metallurgy network): a lever enabling its members to stand out on national and international markets

A non-profit organization (NPO), the Réseau de la métallurgie du Québec (RMQ) groups together businesses offering a strategic watchdog service, along with other services, to all Quebec businesses who choose to become members.

Services offered can include, to name only these, information on new legislation, enabling businesses to achieve rapid compliance; information on anything related to the work environments of its members, - their customers suppliers and competitors -,  review of newspapers on selected topics; accurate research on market developments; and information on new technologies. Members can also be notified of tenders that might be of interest to them as well as business opportunities related to their specialized areas. In addition, they can at any time make more detailed requests adapted to their specific needs.



For further information on the RMQ, please communicate with us at 450 742-5933.

The ACCORD Program

Created by the Quebec government, the ACCORD program (united action for cooperative regional development) targets increased business competitiveness at the North American and global level in each Quebec region, by means of identifying and developing market niches of excellence.

A niche leader in primary metal processing and the processing of associated new materials, the Montérégie region benefits from a large and strong industrial base at the level not only of primary metal processing but also of industrial metallic manufacturing, enabling it to advantageously position businesses of the region in these markets and sectors. As well, several major players are established in the Sorel-Tracy region and manufacture a varied range of products.  

The niche objective is also to increase metal product processing with a view to consolidating the iron and steel production sector, to develop new powder metallurgy products and associated material products, and to stimulate growth by promoting technological innovation.

With leading-edge expertise in industrial ecology and sustainable development, the region thus focuses on four areas of development:


  • Steel and metal processing
  • Powder metallurgy and new associated materials
  • Recovering residues of the metallurgical industries
  • Organization and synergy of the region's production system

Innovative regional projects that are accepted could well qualify for financing to be carried out, as based on an agreement with the provincial government.