The gateway to the Lac-Saint-Pierre world biosphere reserve, designated as such by UNESCO in 2000, the greater Sorel-Tracy region has strong tourism potential. In fact 20% of its territory is recognized as a zone for resorts or of ecological or ecotourism interest.

Main tourism attractions of the region

  • Cruises (nature resource)
  • Water activities
  • Urban and nature cycling network (developing product)
  • Bird watching

As well, for the past few years the region has been developing the Écomonde du lac Saint-Pierre, an ecotourism product. The purpose of the large-scale project-which combines economic, environmental, technological, and social factors-is to restore a clean environment in the Lac Saint-Pierre islands so as to welcome researchers and vacationers. There are six types of accommodation planned, allowing for a variety of activities including shows, exhibitions, conferences, and water sports, to name a few.


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