Access to Markets

Located at the fork of the Richelieu and Saint Lawrence rivers, the Sorel-Tracy region is the ideal place for accessing all channels of communication-whether road, rail, maritime or air transportation-and for gaining ready access to Canadian and U.S, markets, representing 100 million consumers within less than an eight-hour drive from Sorel-Tracy. 



Local transportation network

The location of Sorel-Tracy's industrial zones allows for direct access to the major roads in Quebec.


Major Roads

All other highways in Quebec and the east coast of the United States are accessible from Highway 30. Moreover, the completion of Highway 30, planned for 2012, will make it possible to bypass the southern metropolitan area of Montreal. This new branch of the highway will reduce the time it takes to reach Ontario and western Canada markets.


Highway 20

The Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 20) is 50 km from Sorel-Tracy. The highway entry ramp is 30 minutes away, providing access to the Maritimes, the United States, and Ontario.


Highway 10

The somewhat more modest Highway 10 is 65 km from Sorel-Tracy. It leads directly to the Atlantic coast of the United States, including Boston via the Interstate 93.


Highway 87-United States

After 75 km, Highway 30 ends at Highway 132 near Candiac, which in turn ends at the U.S. border (New York State) where the Interstate 87 begins. This highway leads directly to New York City (6 hours from the border).


Highway 40

Highway 40 on the north shore of the St. Lawrence directly connects Montreal to Québec City. This highway can be accessed by the Sorel-Tracy and Saint-Ignace ferry, less than 2 minutes from downtown Sorel-Tracy.  


The Sorel-Tracy area is well served by the Canadian National Railway (CN), used by most of the region's industries to carry raw materials or to deliver goods to their clients.

The railway network is connected to the Montreal network and in turn to the networks serving the rest of Canada as well as the United States.

The CN network connects to the industrial park, located on the banks of the Richelieu, from where deliveries are made by ship or barge. The CN also extends to the Port Terminals of Quebec, where the Richelieu meets the St. Lawrence River.


Sorel-Tracy has a distinguished naval history. For more than 150 years, the city has been closely associated with naval construction and maritime transportation. The region is well equipped with port facilities able to accommodate ocean-going ships.

Air transportation

Sorel-Tracy is also served by a local airport 10 km from downtown, adapted to the needs of business aircraft and helicopters. The regional Saint-Hubert airport in the southern suburbs of Montreal and the Montréal-Trudeau international airport are located respectively 60 km and 100 km from Sorel-Tracy.



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