Among the various definitions proposed to explain the concept of sustainable development, the following is a short summary of what is involved: "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Source: World Commission on Environment and Development
(Brundtland Commission) Our common future.

In setting up their projets, partners in the area have a common vision that takes the principles of sustainable development into account. Being able to form alliances between development and environment made it possible for us to position ourselves in recent years as a leading-edge region in terms of sustainable development in Quebec. This result is the natural progression of an approach launched over 15 years ago that has now turned into action:


  • Thanks to the participation of the municipal administration, local companies and the entire community under the ZÉROCO2 program, the city of Sorel-Tracy is a leader in Quebec regarding greening activities conducted in its territory.

2004 to 2007

  • The Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle becomes a major partner of Bourse des résidus industriels du Québec (BRIQ)
  • In the spirit of the Rio Earth Summit, Sorel-Tracy is the largest community in Quebec to adopt a local Agenda 21*


  • Implementation of a diploma in environment, workplace health and safety  at Cégep de Sorel-Tracy
  • The "Bouclez la boucle" program is a unique agreement with Cascade in Quebec involving the sale of recycled paper at the same price as regular paper
  • As a leader in Quebec, the MRC de Pierre-De Saurel reached and even surpassed the government objectives with a 75% rate for developing waste matter


  • UNESCO recognition of the large Lac-Saint-Pierre region as a biosphere reserve


  • Implementation of the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle

1995 to 1999

  • Numerous environmental awards given to local businesses, including QIT-Fer et Titane, Conporec, Table de concertation en environnement and the MRC de Pierre-De Saurel


  • Implementation of the Centre de recherche en environnement UQAM/Sorel-Tracy (Sorel-Tracy UQAM environmental research centre). Creation of Recyclo-Centre, one of the first waste sorting and recovery centres in Quebec.

*Local Agenda 21

Adopted by the city of Sorel-Tracy in 2006, the local Agenda 21 , to which the CLD signed, refers to the impressive program for the 21st century adopted by 179 countries, including Canada, at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. This program addresses various social, economic and environmental concerns, their interrelationships and the challenges they present. It also provides an intervention framework. The local Agenda 21 is a regional action plan that describes the challenges and directions to be taken to meet the same objectives as those set out in the international plan. It aims to improve the quality of life of its citizens by adopting a development approach that is sustainable and includes collective responsibilities and requirements.
This is done by integrating multiple values and principles, which include respect for the environment, fairness between individuals and the generations, active participation and commitment by the population, companies and institutions, access to education and knowledge, and making integrated and concerted decisions.

To summarize, this is an action plan to meet the challenges of the 21st century.